Conservative Women Respond to HuffPost Blogger on “Rape Culture” Claims

On Friday’s episode of “Closing Arguments with Elliot Engstrom,” we discussed a recent episode involving Senator Ted Cruz and a disgusting attempt by a Leftist blogger to tie his relationship with his daughter to “rape culture.” The Daily Caller provides some background on the story:

A contributor to the Huffington Post and notable male feminist has claimed Sen. Ted Cruz’s awkward effort to hug and kiss his uninterested daughter isn’t simply an odd campaign moment, but actually an example of “rape culture.”

Cruz suffered some embarrassment Sunday when video surfaced of him attempting to hug and kiss his 7-year-old daughter Caroline while out on the Iowa campaign trail. Caroline was not terribly interested, creating a strange scene.

The Huffington Post contributor, Charles Clymer, told The Daily Caller that this is a “prime example of benign rape culture”:

When I cite this as one example of “benign” rape culture, I mean that it’s one of those seemingly meaningless moments that enables violent acts. No, I don’t think Ted Cruz would ever hurt his daughter nor do I believe anything he’s doing here is remotely sexual, but I think it’s important to discuss the role of consent in this situation. If her father doesn’t respect her boundaries, wouldn’t this make it harder for her to understand she’s able to assert boundaries to unwanted attention down the road?

On the Friday, Feb. 10 episode of “Closing Arguments with Elliot Engstrom,” our co-host Demi Dowdy and a female conservative caller took issue with Clymer’s attempt to tie a loving father-daughter relationship to “rape culture”:

Demi Dowdy, co-host of “Closing Arguments” and the Civitas Institute’s Communications Coordinator, took issue with Clymer’s comments:

“I think it’s so crazy for a man to undermine a relationship between a father and daughter where he is being affectionate with his daughter. It’s undermining the larger problem of absentee fathers that aren’t around trying to be affectionate with daughters.”

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