Center for Law and Freedom Litigation Update

An exhaustive update of the Center for Law and Freedom (CLF)’s litigation activities has been published over at the Civitas Institute. Check it out for synopses of CLF cases, like this:

Deitz v. City of Belmont, 15 CVS 3203 (Gaston County Superior Court)

CLF filed suit against the City of Belmont on behalf of two individuals seeking to clarify the extent to which cities can refuse to release the results of third-party investigations into employee misconduct. Siblings Dan Deitz and Ellen Deitz Tucker originally filed a public records request with the city asking to see the results of an investigation into its police department. The siblings hoped that the investigation would shed light on the death of their sister, Donna Deitz, who was an innocent bystander killed by a motorist fleeing Belmont Police Department officers in 2012.

The city claims that the investigation is a confidential personnel record, but CLF is arguing that the city forfeited the protections of the personnel statute when it spent $90,000 in taxpayer money to bring in a private company to investigate its employees. The defendants asked for 30 extra days to respond to our complaint, and we did not oppose the request. The clerk granted the request, and a response should be forthcoming very soon.

Check out the full update here.


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